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Cerebral Palsy
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Dear Supporters,

“STOP-CP in children! – Combat Infantile Cerebral Palsy!” is a non-profit philantropic organisation that supports the development of cell therapies for Cerebral Palsy using cord blood, family-centered therapies and research, and support for people living with cerebral palsy and their families.

At “STOP-CP in children!” our priority is to develop causative cell treatments in order to help babies, children, and teenagers  living with cerebral palsy lead the most comfortable, independent and inclusive life possible. We therefore need YOUR HELP, to fund individuals, caregivers and important cerebral palsy research. We rely on YOUR GENEROSITY to raise funds for services and research.

In the following sections we will give you an overview on the magnitude of the personal, medical, and socioeconomic burden caused by cerebral palsy and on the recent developments related to cell therapy for cerebral palsy based on cord blood transplantation. You will also find detailed information on ‘What is Cerebral Palsy’, ‘Cord Blood Research’, and how YOUR DONATION CAN HELP to develop the first causative treatment ever in an ailment for that there is no cure at present.
With kind regards,

Prof. Arne Jensen, M.D.
“STOP-CP in children!” e.V.


Cerebral Palsy

About 17 million people world wide live with cerebral palsy, the most common disability in childhood, with hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy, preterm birth, and low birth weight being the most important risk factors. Among 142 surviving very low birth weight infants at a corrected age of 2 years, there were 23.2% minor and 25.4% severe disabilities, from the latter of which 1 in 2 will die before the age of 18 years. Furthermore, a meta analysis revealed that among children with cerebral palsy, 3 in 4 were in pain; 1 in 2 had an intellectual disability; 1 in 3 could not walk; 1 in 4 could not talk; 1 in 4 had epilepsy, and 1 in 10 were blind. This reflects the magnitude of the personal, medical, and socioeconomic burden of this devastating brain disorder. In the United States the estimated lifetime costs to society for treatment and care for persons born in 2000 with cerebral palsy amount to US$ 11.5 billion. Thus, causative treatments along with definition of responsive brain disorders, timing of intervention, and definition of risk groups are needed to prevent the sequelae of infantile cerebral palsy.



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